Kingwash Supreme

Optical brightener that’s gives whiter whites and brighter colors.


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  • FDA approved HSR# 5467
  • Light yellowish fine powder
  • Maximum percentage of stain removing action even in ground-in dirt
  • Optical brightener that gives whiter whites and brighter colors
  • Contains anti-redepostion agent that prevents the dirt extracted to go back again to the fabric
  • Light and fluffy. Undergone sprayed dried cooling tower to double the size of its physical appearance.
  • With enzyme as active ingredient, thus containing strong active and brighter cleaning power
  • Uniqueness to its fine powder to have 100% solubility in water that dissolves quickly and penetrates deep into fabric fibers
  • No speckles, no chalk, no extenders
  • Added fragrance enhancer that provides longer retention in fabric
  • Baby fresh scent, inspired from softener scent that gives a strong baby scent that leaves clothes feeling soft, fresh and clean
  • Safe for hand washing and machine use; suitable for hot or cold use
  • With biodegradable content
  • Less usage per load, “Less Powder, More Water Solution”
  • Cost-effective, – giving more washes and lower cost per wash

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15-20 grams per kilo of clothes