Kingwash Liquid Disenfectant Sanitizer

With disinfecting and sanitizing agent to destroy micro organisms that are living in objects.



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Keep your industrial business areas safe and free from germs and bacteria with Kingwash Liquid Disinfectant Sanitizer! This heavy-duty solution is best used for sanitizing and cleaning difficult to clean areas. Kingwash Liquid Disinfectant Sanitizer is recommended for use in poultry farms, dairy farms, pet clinics, medical centers, food processing units, malls, restaurants and many more wide-scale business areas. The Kingwash Liquid Disinfectant strongly repels virucide, bactericide, fungicide, protozoa and insects. Besides quick action (with a contact time of only 10 minutes), the solution also has a long residual efficacy of 7 days. Clear, colorless liquid with Characteristic scent.

Areas of Application:

  • Industrial Area
  • Home Area

Product Details

  • Strong disinfectant cleaner and sanitizer
  • Contains quaternary ammonium compounds that actively fight germs and bacteria
  • With strong disinfecting and sanitizing agent to fight off microorganisms, even those usually found living on objects and animals
  • Can kill a wide range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, E. coli and other microorganisms commonly found in dirty and unsanitary work spaces
  • Can disinfect and sanitize with last rinse of 1:1000 ration (Kingwash Liquid Disinfectant Sanitizer to water)
  • Disinfectant property acts immediately (contact time of 10 minutes) and lasts up to 7 days after application