Kingwash Liquid Bleach

Cleans, Whitens, Deodorize, Disinfects and Sanitize various households germs.


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  • Light yellow to yellowish liquid solution.
  • Kills 99.9% common household germs.
  • CLEANS ; WHITENS ; DEODORIZE; DISINFECTS & SANITIZE various household germs.
  • KINGWASH LIQUID BLEACH should always be added to the washer water and mixed in well before adding clothes. Never pour bleach directly onto fabrics. If using bleach for stain removal, bleach the entire garment to prevent spotting.
  • Acts as disinfectant on bacteria and viruses and generally whitens fabrics.
  • It has limited shelf life, if more than 6 months old, it may have no effect on stains and should be replaced.
  • Use for Industrial Food Manufacturing Plant.
  • As a bathroom cleaner.
  • Adds glow to glass dishware.
  • It remove moss and algae from paths, patios and driveways.
  • Use to sanitize garden tools.
  • Kills weeds in walkways.
  • Preserves and keeps cut flowers fresh.
  • Can be used to Clean garden furniture.

Product Details

To Sanitize Clothes: 10-15 ml (1/2 – 1 tbsp) PER KILO OF CLOTHES or put ½ cup KW LIQUID BLEACH
for a full load to wash water. Use 3- 5% KW Liquid Bleach or dilute 3-5 tbsp to a
liter water to sanitize area by rinsing after cleaning it with soap.

To Manual Sanitize Rinse for glasses, Dishes & Utensils:
Use 0.5% (1 tbsp) KW Bleach to a liter water.
Scrape and pre-flush articles to be washed.
Wash with recommended products.
Rinse with potable water.
Sanitize by immersion in a solution of this sanitizer solution.
Immerse all utensils for at least 3-5 minutes.
Air dry on Clean drain board or drain at stainless rack.
Before KW Liquid Bleach is used, washing with soap and water is required.Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Apply bleach solution Leave the bleach solution on the surface for at least 20 minutes. Let air dry, or wipe with a clean disposable towel.