Kingwash Fragrance Spray – Tropical Fresh



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Need a solution that not only eliminates foul odors but also leaves a soothing fresh fragrance all over your house? Try Kingwash Fragrance Spray – the solution that can be sprayed onto linen, floors, clothes and kitchen countertops and can also double as a room fragrance! Scents available are: Lemon, Baby Fresh, Soft Breeze, Fresh Petal, Tropical Fresh and Garden of Lavender.

Scents Available:

  • Soft Breeze
  • Baby Fresh
  • Tropical Fresh
  • Lemon

Areas of Application:

  • Linen
  • Floors
  • Clothes
  • Walls

Product Details

  • Made using a special water-based formulation that leaves no oil residue on fabrics and surfaces
  • With natural fragrant oil that leaves linen smelling fresh after every application
  • Can also be used as a room fragrance
  • Has strong fragrance-adding ingredients that fights stale-smelling items and foul odor while still being gentle to the nose
  • Can be sprayed on linen directly after drying for even more lasting fragrance
  • SAFE for delicate fabrics, various types of clothing material and upholstery/carper fabrics