King Wash All Purpose Powder

Looking for a solution for your everyday cleaning problems and laundry, kitchen and home care needs?



Kingwash All Purpose Powder is the product that does it all for you. This product can be used to wash clothes, leaving them light and fluffy, and clean soiled surfaces. From cleaning soiled dishes, stained garments or dirty tiles, Kingwash All Purpose Powder can do it all for you. Kingwash All Purpose Powder is the affordable solution to your everyday cleaning problems. Fine powder with white color and Fresh Breeze scent

Areas of Application:
• White and colored fabrics
• Surfaces

Product Details


• Used for general cleaning purposes

• Can remove stains from different surface all over the house

• Can be used as dishwashing soap; SAFE even after prolonged contact with human skin
• Can be used to wash soiled rags, doormats and fabrics used for cleaning

• Effectively removes dirt and stains with minimal effort

• Dissolves quickly as it is 100% soluble in water and is made of fine powder

• Does NOT CONTAIN speckles, chalk or extenders

• Has long-lasting scent and fragrance

• Does not affect colors of surfaces

• SAFE for hand-washing and machine use (suitable for hot or cold usage)

• With biodegradable content that decomposes by natural processes

• Requires less usage of powder per load that lowers cost per wash