Dishmate Ultra Dishwashing Liquid with Antibacterial Action

Clear, Green viscous liquid with Lemon scent



Looking for your perfect dishwashing partner? Let us introduce you to Dishmate Ultra Dishwashing Liquid. This product does not only leave your dishes clean (with its degreasing properties) and smelling fresh (lemon scented) but also free of bacteria because of its antibacterial properties. This product is also very cost effective and affordable as you would only need about 5 tbsp. to a liter of water to make a solution.

Product Details

• Concentrated dishwashing liquid with strong antibacterial properties to fight against common household germs and bacteria

• Contains effective degreasing agent to leave no oily residue after every wash

• Very easy to use while also being reliable and cost-effective

• Perfect solution for hard to rinse and clean soiled pans and dishes

• SAFE for hand-washing

• Requires less usage of solution as compared to common commercial brands

Areas of Application:

• Dishwashing